Ketogetics Weight Loss Support

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Pharmagetics Keto Support BHBoost uses a science-backed blend of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate bioidentical ketones formulated to support optimal health, fitness and performance.

Bring Your Foundational Health Into Focus

  • Ketosis Without Dieting
    Research shows that ketone supplements, such as Ketogetics, can increase ketone levels, mimicking the keto diet. This increase may help you stay in ketosis without closely following a keto diet.
  • Reach Ketosis Faster
    Take Ketogetics when beginning a keto diet to help accelerate ketosis. Continue taking Ketogetics to help with intermittent fasting, which may help you eat fewer calories and maintain optimal weight.
  • Optimize Performance
    Burning ketones means your body uses fewer carbohydrates for energy and makes less lactate, which may lead to better performance, especially for endurance athletes. Take Ketogetics to provide ketone energy to your muscles to help enhance your exercise performance.
  • Avoid The Keto Flu
    Sometimes people experience temporary negative effects called the ‘keto flu’ when beginning a keto diet. Take Ketogetics along with your keto diet to help reduce these symptoms.